The simple loan filing process

At Financeaflow, we have simplified sanctioning loans. You can apply for loans quickly and simple process online and get a loan within 15 minutes.

  • 100% non-obligation quote
  • Soft credit checks
  • No hidden fees
  • Short term Repayments

A Step-by-step Loan filing process

  • Step 1- Apply online

    Fill in a simple form online by going through the terms and conditions. Calculate how much you want to borrow and the repayment terms.

  • Step 2- Confirmation call

    Once you fill in the details, you will receive a quick call from our representative to confirm further details. It may not happen every time, only when necessary. This call lasts for only 5 minutes.

  • Step 3- Sign your loan agreement

    Once we are thorough with the credit check, you will receive a confirmation link in your mail. Clicking that link. The loan will be sanctioned within 15 minutes. If in case, it is a holiday, it will get approved the very next day.

  • Step 4- Affordable monthly repayments

    Analyse the repayment terms and pay accordingly or if you wish to set auto-cut, the payment will be deducted every month automatically. You can decide the term and make repayments on a particular date of the month. Monthly instalments will remain the same throughout the contract.

How much can I borrow?

At Financeaflow, you can borrow anywhere between £1000 and £50000. You can pay your repayment in 6-84 months with scheduled monthly instalments. At here, we encourage our customers to pay early to save them from penalty charges or interest imposed.

How do I find the right loan and repayment term for myself?

The best part about affordable loans is that they can be tailored to your requirements. It provides you with the flexibility to choose your repayment plan and the amount to borrow. Some offer fast repayment options, but it's an exceptional case. You can choose a loan affordably according to your repayment capabilities.

We provide customized best loan terms for you. Before applying, you need to know the below things:

  • Representative APR- 50% (approx.)
  • Can I apply with bad/poor credit- YES
  • Can I repay the sum in instalment- YES
  • Do we conduct a credit check - No or only a soft credit check?

Am I eligible to take a loan?

You can apply and repay the loan if you are-

  • A UK citizen
  • Above 18 years of age,
  • Hold an active bank account
  • Minimum monthly income £400
  • Do not have any bankruptcy charges for the last 2 years

As you apply for the loan online, it will be approved in no time, with little documentation involved. Check whether you can afford it.


When should I consider taking a loan?

Short-term loans support you for a short time. You should apply for the loan only if you have encountered an emergency expense and are short of funds. Before taking these types of loans, analyse whether your family or credit union can help.

Are small-term loans expensive?

There is both a yes and a no. The high APRs on these loans make them unsuitable for long-term borrowing. For this reason, these loans are repaid quickly. Thus, the amount you repay is lower than what you expected.

Can I pay the repayment amount early?

You can pay the amount early. There is no prepayment penalty.