Pre-approved car loans for all makes and models

Speed up the way of car funding with no complex contracts, hidden fees, or loan acceptance pressure. You can borrow up to €35000 for 7 years at flexible repayments and no detailed initial credit checks, not affecting credit scores.

You can apply for a new or used car loan in Ireland at the best interest rates. At Financeaflow, we analyse the affordability and provide the right deal for your preferences. If you want to know the costs, use a car loan calculator to manage the overall budget.

Contact us if concerns like deposit bother you, as we may allow you a car loan without a deposit with a recurring income and stable credit.

With us, car loans are applicable for first-time and experienced car drivers. Yes, you can get one by 18 or more, after having the driving licence, if you meet the affordability criteria. To qualify, you should be earning some sort of monthly income. If it is sufficient for repayment, you can avail of quick loans for a car purchase without a guarantor.

What are car loans?

A car loan is an exact type of external finance you can explore to purchase a used or a new car when savings do not suffice. You should have a regular income or a fair credit score with minimal credit errors to qualify. After approval, you pay the loan in monthly instalments per the agreement for a specific time. The interest charges begin from the day you get approval.

Car loans are secured loans, and you may get affordable interest costs even if you have a bad credit history. Ensure regular payments to maintain your score intact. Non-repayment or default may make the loan provider claim the car. To avoid this, you can opt for early repayment if you can. It would save the interest costs and fees.

You can also leverage payment holidays twice a year to pay the loan comfortably. Here, you pay an interest charge for 1 repayment holiday of 2 months.

Explore the best car loans in the Ireland marketplace before signing up. Analyse costs like interest fees, APR, loan term, and additional or hidden fees to decide right. Getting funds to buy a car with low APR, interest rates, and no hidden fees is ideal and makes the loan affordable.

What are the advantages of car loans?

There are ample benefits to applying for car loans in Ireland. If you no longer want to wait to save enough for a vehicle purchase, these funding sources can be impactful. You may have several pros of having such loans, but you will get them only if you show your income capacity to manage the loan throughout the loan term.

Here are the advantages of defining the best car loans for you:

Affordable secured car loans

Secured car loans can be a good option if you lack a credit history and want an affordable loan to achieve your dream lifestyle. Here, the car you want to own acts as a security and paves the way for lower interest rates and loan costs.

Fixed interest rates

Unlike other loans, the interest rates on car loans stay fixed. It implies the rates remain the same with the monthly repayments throughout the loan term. However, if you miss a payment, it may make the loan competitive.

Borrow a higher sum

You can get a higher sum because we have your car as collateral. There is limited risk in lending you a higher sum, particularly in the case of secured loans. You can also seek sufficient funds on unsecured car loans if you have a good credit score.

Should I seek the best car loans for new or used cars?

You must analyse your circumstances and whether you need a new or used car. The purposes for the same differ. Here is what you should consider while getting the best car loans for new and used cars in Ireland.

Aspects New car loan Used car loan
Purpose If you want to update your lifestyle with a more advanced feature car to support family needs It may be ideal for you if you are learning and have not owned a license yet.
You may pick if you lack sufficient deposit money
LTV You can get a loan of up to 80% price of the car You may get 60-75% of the car’s price
Loan rates New cars have lower interest rates than used ones. The rates can be competitive as the price of the used car depreciates.
The trick to getting an affordable loan Paying a higher deposit may reduce the overall loan costs. Besides, borrow small loans for car purchases. The smaller amount decreases loan costs. Analyse the ongoing discounts on a used car loan and the features a car comes with. Consider upfront maintenance costs and decide an amount you can pay.

Watch whether you need a cheap new or used car loan. Apart from that, pay off some loans and improve your credit profile to fetch the best car loans.

How can I get car loans with a bad credit score?

Financeaflow considers aspects beyond just credit score. If you have a low credit history but regular income and stable finances, you may qualify for car loans in Ireland for bad credit. We analyse the below aspects before approving a loan application:

  • Last 3 months’ credit management
  • Loans undertaken and paid
  • Employment history (a longer employment history can help)
  • Monthly income
  • The deposit amount you can provide

If you can comfortably manage repayments, you can get car loans with bad credit history. Make regular payments on the loan responsibly, and get better your credit score to meet the criteria for a better term.

- How to avoid defaulting on car loans with bad credit?

Defaulting on personal loans for vehicles leads to a poor credit score and vehicle loss if it becomes a practice. Try to ensure regular payments, but if your finances are falling and you cannot ensure regular payments, do this:

  • Analyse your savings and repayments

    If you miss over 4-5 payments in a row, analyse your savings and budget. It can be due to sudden job loss, and you do not have enough savings to pay the monthly instalment. Contact us immediately as we may shift your current loan to a specific one, like car loans for the unemployed.

  • Discuss possibilities with us

    Put your point before falling payments. Tell us about the available funds and the reason for the financial downfall. We may help arrange a new repayment structure aligning with your existing one.

  • Postpone payments up to a certain time

    If you cannot pay, ask for payment deferment or repayment holiday. It implies halting payments for 2 months, and a deferment period stays on your credit report. Do efforts towards improving finances quickly to resume payments.

Note: Determine income volatility while applying for the best car loans for bad credit in Ireland marketplace. It would help you plan for the unforeseen.

How to seek guaranteed approval on car loans with bad credit?

If you have been rejected a loan previously, you may want to ensure everything to get car loans with a bad credit profile. Conducting due diligence on your finances, credit, and your car purposes may help you decide right.

Based on the analysis, you can wait until the credit improves or provide a deposit. If not, take the below steps to get your dream car today:

  • Identify the credit mistakes

    If you cannot clear debt now, review your credit profile for errors and delinquencies. Eliminate any debts that you have paid. Apart from that, close any accounts that you use no longer have.

  • Update your address and register to vote

    Having a permanent address proof can help you get a small loan for your car dreams. It impacts your application positively as the lender deems you a reliable borrower. It also helps in showing your creditworthiness towards car dealers.

  • Try to get a guarantor

    A guarantor with responsible finances and stellar credit history can support you with lower-interest loans. It is helpful in situations where you seek higher amounts on car loans. It is applicable even if you have lower credit history and income. A guarantor can be a good option to ensure commitment to repayments.

  • Consolidate some low-credit loans

    Consolidate debts like payday loans or credit card bills before applying for another one, especially a bad credit loan to buy a car. Recently paid debts help you create a good impression on the lender and improve the payment history.

Why choose us for your car loan goal?

We ensure responsibility while fulfilling your desire for the best car loan in Ireland. Our products are perfectly modified to support existing individuals’ needs. With us, you do not need to worry even if you have too many credit inaccuracies.

You can rely on us for fair, flexible, and suitable car loans per your needs. Here are other reasons to partner with us:

  • We wait patiently for you to understand the terms and decide
  • Help you choose the best possible specifications to ensure satisfaction
  • Straightforward application process with minimal documentation
  • Flexibility to choose the repayments or re-schedule them
  • Multiple repayments options on a secured car loan


You may have got an idea about car loans and how it works. If you have questions, the below commonly asked questions by our customers can help.

Who can qualify for car loans?

You can qualify for a car loan if:

  • You are a permanent citizen of the country
  • You have a reliable income source
  • You have not defaulted on any loan in the previous month
  • Have a relevant debit card
  • A reliable driving license

Apart from these basic criteria, we run affordability checks to conclude loan approval.

How do you conclude the car loan costs?

We calculate the total loan repayment amount by basing multiple factors like- income, credit score, loan length, and financial circumstances. The interest rates are fixed. It implies your loan costs remain the same if you maintain regular payments.

Can you get a car loan without any deposit?

Yes, it is possible in some circumstances:

  • You finance the whole car price and pay later. More money borrowed implies more money to pay.
  • You have a good credit score and can be eligible for affordable personal loans
What can you not use a car loan for?

A car loan is a personal loan that you can use for related purposes. However, there are some limitations to usage. You cannot use the loan for the below aims:

  • Business expansion
  • Property purchase
  • Illegal activities like gambling
  • Purchasing Holiday clubs or financing a stay there
Which one should you choose - a car loan or car finance?

In car finance, you can seek options like Hire Purchase and PCP as per budget. The requirements define the choice, and you may pay an upfront deposit to reduce your overall repayments. Likewise, applying for a car loan in Ireland from Financeaflow may be more affordable for you.

Car Finance

  • You want to own the car after loan completion
  • Return the car at the end of the agreement and drive new
  • You want to drive with a mileage limit

Car Loan

  • Drive with no mileage limits
  • Need affordable options at low deposit and credit
  • You need the flexibility to update or modify it from the beginning