Amara walker September 12, 2023

The phase of the pandemic has brought many challenges around the globe. One of those challenges is the economic one. Every developed country or developing nation has been affected by this. In such a scenario, the personal loan market has a huge role to play.

The aftermaths of the pandemic have impacted the countries’ economies and the normal financial life of the people. They have been losing their full-time jobs and facing issues like furlough. These circumstances have been trickier to face, which also pressurised the loan market to bring the relevant financial solution.

The personal loans marketplace has a huge responsibility, especially in countries like Ireland. People here are struggling with unemployment or bad credit, and therefore, they have to look for loans.

Here, we will discuss all about personal loans. What is their role in the financial upliftment of the financial lives of common people?

Personal Loans and their importance

In the loan marketplace, there are some loans where one can get funding for any purpose. At the same time, some loans are for specific financial issues.

Personal loans belong to the first category. These funding options are meant to solve any kind of financial matter related to your personal life.

These loans are accessible to students, employed persons, single mothers, and even retired individuals. The loan features are also fixed and flexible, depending upon the lenders’ policies.

One can apply for personal loans, either secured or unsecured ways. In secured personal loans, people borrow large amounts at lower interest rates, but they have to put in an asset to secure the loan.

You are not obliged to secure the amount in unsecured personal loans, and no asset is needed. These are smaller loan options and usually come with higher interest rates.

These attributes of personal loans clearly signify that you can seek the solution to any financial problem according to your affordability.

Reasons why personal loans are the ‘all-round’ financial assistance

There are many reasons behind the supremacy and growing demand for personal loans. In the below lines, we discuss some of them.

  • Quickness in the loan approval

You should keep in mind that the personal loan market has become digitalised, where loans are available online. You do not need to travel to the lender’s head office withholding a file of so many documents.

You only need to have an internet connection, and minimum paperwork is needed. It is the reason why these loans are also called instant cash loans, available in 1 hour in Ireland. You get the approval instantly, and funding can be possible even in a day.

  • Suit everyone’s budget

People want to apply for personal loans because these are the only funding sources suitable to everyone’s budget.

For instance, one person is earning a starting income while another is earning well. Both need extra funding for their different financial purposes. One person wants to fund for holidays while another one is looking to purchase equipment.

In both circumstances, personal loans can help in accomplishing their financial goals.

  • Match the personal ends of every class of borrower

Personal loans match the finances of every class of borrowers. It means whether you are a homeowner or tenant, you can have loans on acceptable norms.

Moreover, there is no constraint for those who are working somewhere or belonging to the unemployment class. The primary purpose of the lender is to get the loan repayment under the decided schedule.

As a borrower, if you can ensure the repayment part, the lender does not hesitate to grant funds to you.

  • Loans beyond the credit score

Gone are the days when lenders tend to decide the loan approval on the borrowers’ credit histories. In those days, borrowers with good credit scores got the approval straightway, while those with bad credit or very poor credit scores faced rejections.

Nowadays, things have changed, and online personal loans have a significant role in this change. Borrowers with bad credit scores are finding themselves in a safer place. Online lenders are flexible in their approach. In fact, they are open to offering urgent loans for bad credit in Ireland.

Bad credit is no longer an obstacle. Once you have the approval from the lender, you can simultaneously have the desired funding and a chance to improve your credit scores. However, interest rates will be on the higher side.

  • Varieties of loan deals are available

The sphere of the personal loan market is a huge one. Both traditional lenders like banks and online lenders are providing loans according to their lending strategies.

As the borrower, you have plenty of options available in the market to get the best deal that matches your financial desires or needs. You can compare various deals, their interest rates, extra charges, and repayment periods.

Alternatively, you can use the personal loan calculator to get everything clear and opt for a deal where you can easily manage the repayments.

Personal Loans and the risks involved

We cannot stay away from the risks involved with the loans. Personal loans are not the exception. Some significant risks are there, which you should know as the borrower.

Some of the loan risks are:-

  • You may find yourself in the debt trap due to the easy availability of the loans;
  • Unsecured personal loans are usually available with higher interest rates, which may increase your financial burden;
  • In the case of secured loans, you are at the risk of losing possession if you miss the repayments.
  • Missing or non-repayment of the loan can cause damage to your credit record.


Personal loans are undoubtedly the ‘all-around’ funding source. Despite all the involvement of certain risks, you can have many benefits. The most prominent of them is getting the funds quickly during the financial emergency. In such a scenario, your poor credit does not come in the way, and smooth approval can be there. However, you need to work hard on one thing, and it is finding a responsible lender. The online lender can be the right choice, but your selection should be a smart one.