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If you stick close to the rules of lending, then you might find a variety of money lenders out there. It is very true that borrowers feel a little discomfort when choosing the right loan process. We might want to tell you that we are a direct lender, and we have been asked this question many times. Hence, we decided to write this blog down. 

Direct lending practice is a special sort of money lending profession in Ireland. It’s the kind of business that aims at helping all kinds of borrowers from different walks of life. With that being said, different walks of life do not only refer to borrowers from domestic domains only. If you are a business and you are serious, and you are looking for fast loans in Ireland, then you can get it from us anytime you want. 

To understand the meaning of direct lending practices and, in this way, get to an authentic lender, you need to learn the core principles of our work. We can help you with that in the next point.  

What Is a Direct Lending Practice?

A direct lending practice is the kind of practice you would want to get when you want money in a direct sense. We can say that we work as a promising leader in the industry. What we have for our borrowers is a flexible and customised service. It makes borrowing easy and, yes loans less scary. 

Borrowing from a direct lender means you are going to use your income details to get a variety of loan offers. Also known as private lenders, you will mostly get personal or unsecured loans. What an unsecured loan means is that it is a loan that does not include collateral in the deal. You can get these loans without having t use collateral. 

Direct lenders have more to offer when you want to take their assistance. All you need to do here is to make work more and more approachable with a direct lender by being clear and committed to your income scheme and how you wish to repay the money. 

Signs that You have Found a Promising Direct Lender 

If you are careful in your search, then you can find a good direct lending practice. Please note that most of these lenders are known as online lenders too. It might add a little assistance to you when you are looking for a suitable lender. Here are a few points to help you out:

  • A Direct Lender Won’t Charge You Extra Fees 

Transparency is the real strength of direct lenders. You can find any authentic direct lender to be really clear with the fees or charges it needs from you. Of course, there will be some nominal fees. However, you won’t find hidden interest rates, charges or costs with a private lender.

Any private lender will try to make a borrower comfortable and happy with loan products. Extra fees or hidden costs not only make the loan less approachable but might also question the authenticity and legal regulations of a direct lender practice. 

  • You Can Get a Loan in a Poor Credit Situation 

If you are speaking with one of the authentic money lenders in Ireland, then you will know very well that a bad credit situation is not going to be the issue for borrowing. 

Private lenders designed their loans in a variety of ways. One of them is the bad credit loan. If you agree to share your income details to support repayment policies of the loans, then you might get yourself a bad credit loan even if your credit score is significantly low. You can, in fact, get a loan from a direct lender in extremely poor credit situations too. 

  • Direct Lenders Can Offer Multiple Repayment Terms 

You need to understand that a direct lending service is an extremely borrower-centric service. Borrowers and their financial conditions are taken into consideration before designing the loan products.

This is where you can trust the direct lenders. Most of them will offer you more than one repayment plan for a single loan. You can make calculations by using something called the loan calculator, which can help you to choose the right package. Put the rates for each package in this calculator to find out the best option for saving money at repayment.

  • You Can Get a Variety of Loan Offers 

We are a lender ourselves. We can tell you better. Take this, for instance: We do focus more on offering you personal loans for bad credit or for the unemployed. However, we do offer special products such as car finance for bad credit in Ireland too.   

In fact, our personal car loans may not need a down payment always. You need to tell us everything about your car purchase. We can help you find the best car financing ways. Just check our car loan offers in the ‘Loans’ section of our website at the top right. 

  • A Direct Lender Will Be Your Financial Partner

The direct lender is going to analyse your financial situation to offer you a ‘useful’ loan. For example, you can share your company’s business plans with your direct lender as a means of providing the income statement. Your lender is going to analyse it and find out which loan product might be suitable for your personal business finances and your business processes.

With that being said, domestic people or individuals requiring money as loans need not think that they are not going to be assisted this way. Direct lenders value all borrowers in equal consideration. If you want some financial advice to get and manage your loan, you will get it. 

How We Help 
We have been lending money in Ireland for a long time. If you are looking for customised loan products, then we can surely help you out. Reach us, and we will take it from there.