Amara walker August 14, 2023

Are you seeking quick loans to cover an emergency?

Hold on!

You must be aware of a few things before applying. It is because you may enter a default if you fail to consider any of these aspects. However, quick loans are the easiest to get in cash trouble but it calls for certain precautions. If you still think-

“How are these precautions going to help me further?”

Taking some precautions may help you:

  • Avoid surprise costs later
  • Borrow right amount
  • Get instant approval without delay
  • Get the most affordable interest rates
  • Boost your credit score by at least 5-10 points

So, are you interested to know further?

If yes, look at the below-mentioned ways before applying for the loans.

Add these Precautions to your quick loans’ application checklist

Well, you indeed lack time to explore different aspects of cash urgencies. That’s why you can save this blog post for later. You can review it as a checklist before applying for quick loans. It lists some important parameters you must not skip before and during the application. Opposedly, it may prove detrimental to your credit score and finances. Let’s begin:

1) Apply for the right purpose

 It is very important to identify the urgency of the purpose before applying. If the purpose can wait, you do not need a loan. You can instead save until you get the required sum. Opposed to this, in critical emergencies like- medical help, car repair, accidental repair, etc., quick loans can help.

You can borrow up to £2500 for your needs. Moreover, you cannot borrow one for illegal purposes like- gambling or property development in another city. The lender may reject the application. Read through the fine print. Some lenders mention purposes you can use it for.

2)   Optimise your credit history

Your credit history and score are other important aspect that you must not skip. If you have a low credit history with too many delinquencies or debt, the lender may reject the application.

 However, these loans consider the income aspect than credit score. But a low credit score may impact the interest rates you get.  

Thus, before applying for urgent loans for bad credit in Ireland repair your credit score. Here is you can do that:

  • Pay your credit card and utility bills timely
  • Update your name on the electoral roll
  • Pay some loans with high-interest rates
  • Lower your debts to income ratio
  • Work on improving your income

If not all, doing small things like updating your electoral roll profile and clearing credit card debts can help you boost your credit score. Consequently, it would help you fetch low-interest rates and costs.

3) Identify the APR and eligibility criteria

APR is the total loan costs that include the interest rates. It may vary from lender to lender. Be mindful of going with the lowest APR and terms. A low APR loan is an affordable one for your finances. APR you get depends on the lender’s rate and your finances. Moreover, missing payments increases the APR rates.

Analyse the APR and other costs associated with that. It includes- the repayment amount and the impact of missing a payment on the repayment. It will help you choose the right loan.

In the same vein, APR largely depends on the person’s affordability. He should meet the affordability and eligibility criteria. Usually, one should have a regular income to get the loan. For individuals with low income, finances and credit score, the APR stays competitive, especially on emergency loans in Ireland's marketplace. To fetch an affordable one, improve your income and credit score.

The basic eligibility criteria for these loans are:

  • Individuals must be above 18 years of age
  • The borrower must have a regular income exceeding €1000/month
  • Have a debit card with direct debit facility
  • Name on the electoral roll for first-time borrowers
  • Potential to repay loan in regular monthly/weekly payments without impacting the needful.

If you meet this general criterion, you may qualify for the loan instantly.

4)  Avoid making multiple loan applications

It is one of the deadliest mistakes that impact your credit score. Without researching the best loan offers, and identifying the eligibility and income requirement, you may face rejection. Thus, wait for the lender to respond for at least 10-15 minutes before making your next application.

 It is not necessary that you may always suffer rejection. If you are authentic to your details and income proof, the chances to qualify stay high.

What happens If I apply for multiple applications at once? 

You cannot use every loan application you qualify for the purpose. That’s a fact.

Thus, applying for multiple applications only increases the rejection chances. It is because the lender views your profile as risky. The rejection may affect the other lender’s decision. Eventually, you may not get the loan.

Precisely, wait for the lender’s response because these loans share the highest approval chances.

5)  Choose the right repayment plan

It is another important aspect of the loan. Individuals generally choose the repayments casually. It impacts their overall balance and potential to repay the loan.

It could prove worse for your credit score and future life goals.

As a matter of fact, a long repayment period implies low repayments but a high-interest rate and vice versa. Choose the repayment period by identifying your capability to clear a loan. As a regular earner, you can easily clear it within 3-4 months. Likewise, for an unemployed, it may take up to 6-7 months. It varies according to the financial circumstances.

You can know the monthly costs and interest rates. It will help you pick the ideal repayment period. If confused, you can ask for the ideal repayment structure from the expert money lender in Ireland hassle-free. It would help you avoid unnecessary payments that come with an extended loan term.      

6) Analyse the flexibility to halt payments

Individuals with inconsistent income and pay seek the flexibility to stop payments for a while. If relatable, finding just the right lender may help your finances. Furthermore, it would help you avoid panic-like situations later.  If your lender agrees to provide a payment holiday for 2 months, go for it. However, check the final interest rates charges before agreeing to it.

Bottom line:

These are some precautions that may help you avoid quick loan rejection. It would help you plan your finances and get it back on track. Moreover, you can qualify for the right interest rates, APR, and other costs by doing a bit of preparation and research.