Amara walker December 12, 2022

Christmas is not far away. You might have started coming across exciting deals on new cars. 2022 is coming to an end, so car manufacturers will slash the prices to clear as much stock as possible. In 2023, car models will be considered one year old, pushing their market value down. People will undoubtedly be keen on new and the latest models.

If you are looking to buy a new car, Christmas will likely be the best time for you to do so. However, there are still a lot of things you need to do to get a good bargain.

Salespeople at this stage are keener on selling as many cars as possible, so chances are you can haggle for the best prices.

Why is it important to negotiate for the best price? As soon as you get a car to the road, its 30% value goes down, and on the New Year, annual depreciation will be charged to your car even if you withdrew it from the showroom just a day ago.

Prices are already lower during this period of time as dealers intend to clear the stock. You can capitalize on their business intentions to get a good bargain. Here are the tips to get a new car at a bargain.

Become an expert

The innate fear of running into a slick salesperson at a showroom can hold you back from playing tough at the time of haggling for prices. Their glib approach could lead you to buy what you had never wanted, and you do not realize it until you get your home back.

Well, it is not silky talks flowing through their lips that make you end up with a wreck because experts say no one can make you feel ripped off without your wish. This kind of scenario you experience as you do not prepare. Failure to prepare means buying anything except what you want to buy.

It is not hard to have a salesperson come around if you have prepared well. You can quickly overpower the persuasive salesperson if you have complete knowledge of what you want to buy and what you are happy to pay.

If you clearly know what you need, it will help you behave more confidently in the showroom. Remember that the advertised price is just the starting price, not the final price. Preparations of about two hours can undoubtedly help save thousands of pounds, which means a cheaper car finance deal with bad credit.

Know what features you want

You do not need to waste time if you know what features you need in your car before heading off the showroom. In fact, you can stop a garrulous salesperson from beating around the bush. Just tell them what you need, and they will serve you that.

Most people do not realise the importance of having clarity about your needs. They discuss several cars in a showroom and then decide on a model. This is seriously the worst approach. As you do not have clarity about your needs, you will likely end up clinching a deal in their favour.

Therefore, it is crucial to decide what is essential beforehand. Do some research to determine if what you want to buy fits your budget. Try to make a list of all features like this:

Must-have features:

  • 5 seats
  • A large boot
  • 1.6-liter engine

Nice-to-have features:

  • Metallic paint
  • Full tank of fuel
  • MP3 player

Do online research and shortlist some cars that you like the best. 

Get quotes

According to the survey, many people have reported that they bought cars from a dealer despite the fact that online buying was much more affordable. Well, it is not a concern whether you buy it from a dealer or an online broker. Make sure you do the research to find the best prices.

If you are looking to finance it with a car money loan for bad credit in Ireland, it becomes more critical that you research extensively to compare prices. Several websites are out there that can help you check the listed prices of both online brokers and dealers.

At the time of researching, you will find some dealers further afield, but that is not a concern. You are just searching for the best price at this stage. It is likely that you have picked some dealers or online brokers offering some amazing deals.

Now you should write down the two prices: the first one is the ideal price, the lowest price you are likely to get a deal at, and the second one is a walk-away rate, the top figure beyond which you cannot afford to pay. If you are able to get a price below this, you are set to go. Otherwise, just move to another dealer.

Bargain hard

Undoubtedly, you can get a car cheaper from an online broker. If you are interested in buying it from a dealer, do not hesitate to tell them that you can get it at a lower price. It is better if you can show it. Insisting on buying from an online dealer can convince them to bring down the costs.

Try to be friendly with a salesperson, as it can help you get a good deal. You can let them know about competitors’ prices, as this will help you get a car at a reduced price. Make sure you drop positive information.

Do not fight shy of asking the last price they can offer you and then see if it meets your budget.

To wrap up

If you are looking to get a new car at a good bargain, you should do extensive research. Compare prices of the same models from dealers with online brokers. You will likely get a car at a good price. To determine your affordability, do not forget to estimate the monthly payments and the total cost of the debt if you borrow from money cash loan lenders in Ireland. Since you are to pay interest on top of what you borrow, this will be an additional cost of the car.