Amara walker September 21, 2023

A pre-purchase car inspection is an essential aspect of purchasing a used car on finance. It primarily aims at analysing the hidden issues. It is critical to know the whereabouts of a used car before owning it officially. Knowing the history of the previous owners, insurance and checks that the car passed will help you decide right. 

Apart from the history, the designated person will check the parts and the interiors to ensure the smooth operation of every part. It mainly breaks into mechanical and car history inspection. For this, you can hire car repair experts or a mechanic.

What does mechanical car inspection include?

There are different types of mechanical inspection depending on the need and budget of the owner. Moreover, it may vary according to the car models as well. You can generally expect a qualified technician to inspect the car thoroughly. It also includes a test drive. Here are other things to expect in inspection:

  • Checking the worn tyres and breaks
  • Checking the fluid levels
  • Inspecting the car for corrosion and degradation
  • Under bonnet vehicle inspection
  • Steering inspection
  • Vehicle lighting inspection
  • Seatbelts and SRS check
  • Ensuring the quality of suspension parts. Broken ones require replacement.

Taking some effort upfront is critical. Just imagine financing a car that runs into issues later. It could prove 1000 times more than and drain out your budget. Thus, if applying for car finance at bad credit in the Ireland marketplace, you should avoid repair expenses. Mechanical car inspection may help you choose the right car to finance and save on your bad credit quote. It is because if the underlying issues are serious, the dealer may provide one at a better rate.

Similarly, a car history inspection guarantees that the car has never been written off or sold to someone else under a new identity and is not under any debt. Moreover, it helps you know the mileage and find a better deal with it.

How much does an average used car inspection cost in Ireland?

On average, the pre-purchase car inspection costs €249. You can access the service of a car engineer, potentially saving you substantial money.

How long does a car inspection take?

A usual car inspection takes about 1-2 hours.  However, the duration may vary according to the complex repairs and inspection expertise.   Consult your mechanic or the company for the exact estimate.  Here are other aspects that may impact the duration:

  • Car inspection appointment and scheduling
  • Vehicle inspection and inspection site
  • Processing time
  • Availability of the car inspector

Who should consider a pre-purchase car inspection?

Depending on the car model type, the finance money involved and the purpose, a car inspection may help you. Most dealers come with a warranty period. However, many do not provide one.  

A pre-purchase car inspection may be good for you if:

  • You know little about the car’s history
  • You want to ensure the car’s health before buying
  • Want to negotiate a better price from the provider
  • You need an expert second opinion
  • The car is costly, and you want to make sure the health
  • The car model is known for a specific problem and wants to avoid it

These could be some reasons behind opting for the pre-purchase car inspection. It helps avoid confusion down the lane. If you share any of the above concerns, immediate car inspection can save you well.

Most individuals find it an additional expense to arrange for the deposit money, loan repayments, and managing other liabilities. If you need more cash flexibility over car assessment, explore affordable loans online in Ireland for your needs. It would help you avoid concerns or confusion regarding the car’s health.

How should I approach the best car inspection near me?

Picking a trusted provider for the vehicle inspection is important. Explore through the best professionals online vetted in inspecting the car excellently and budget-friendly.  For better choices, check reviews and social media pages. You can also go through the company’s reputation online.  It would help you finalise the best one. Here are other aspects that could help you with the inspection smoothly:

1) Analyse the total inspection costs

Though the above part of the blog discusses the average inspection costs, it may vary. Experts have their own parameters to decide the inspection cost. If the car has potential underlying issues alongside broken breaks and a music system, the costs may be high. All in all, it depends on the overall condition of the car.

2) Discuss the issues with the inspection company

You must discuss the underlying issues that the car has with the car inspection firm. It would help you get adequate knowledge about the car’s health. Moreover, he may suggest expert tips to avoid anything serious that could impact the car’s condition.

3) Ask for a full-checklists of repairs

After initial checks, the company may grant you a peep into the whole car’s condition.  However, it would not help you know the apparent or approx. costs. Ask the company to hand over the complete checklist of the repairs required.

If he denies it, then you must switch the company.  No car inspection company should deny clarity over the issues and possible repairs from the car owner. Instead, opt for sheer professionalism in operations that ensure transparency.

4) Opt for a garage inspection as well

A specialised repair firm or a mechanic holds access to unique tools and equipment. Moreover, they share expertise in analysing any vehicle or space for the best environment.

A garage inspection may help you know the ideal environment to provide the car. You can arrange things accordingly. Garage inspection depends on the size and other aspects. If it exceeds the price you expect, do not worry. Contact expert money lenders for help. They may assist you in getting the needed financial assistance, given the urgency of the purpose.

What is a good mileage for a used car?

Generally, good mileage for a 5-year used car is 60000 miles. Higher or fewer miles than this signals future car troubles.

Bottom line
Whether you should opt for the pre-purchase car inspection on a used car depends on your individual preference. For some, it becomes essential, and for others, it's just a matter of choice. However, getting expert assistance always helps avoid potential costs and car dangers later. It helps drive the best car on finance without worries. Whichever you choose, prioritise your car-owning purpose.