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You may often find yourself unarmed in emergencies and cashless situations. Unexpected expenses have a way of surfacing when you have the least amount in your bank, or you are yet to receive your salary.

However, some requirements require quick arrangement and are impossible to delay until the next moment. If you find yourself in this financial fix, you must resort to either a short-term or a payday loan. These online cash loans in Ireland allow you to pick the cash now and repay later flexibly.

Short-term and payday loans are almost similar in the way they operate. Both have gained popularity in Ireland as the instant cash facility to counter any pressing cash need.

When faced with unexpected expenses down the lane, these can prove the go-to option. 

The borrowers here repay the amount along with the interest rates.

Both many seem similar in operation, but they differ slightly. The blog will help you choose the best for your circumstances.


Short-term loans-

Here, an individual can borrow around £5000 for their pressing needs. The lowest one can apply for at the portal is £1000.

Payday loans-

Payday loans are extremely sensitive. Thus, one can borrow no more than £1500. It is highly for small cash emergency purposes.


Short-term loans-

In this, one can avail of the amount without worrying about credit score. Lenders generally base income as the primary loan approval criteria apart from general eligibility criteria. It is ideal for individuals with bad credit and who are unemployed.

Payday loans-

One must ensure a stable credit score to qualify for a payday loan. Unemployed or self-employed with unstable employment and credit history may need help to qualify. Even if they do, the interest rate and APR are competitive over such loans. It is ideal for employed or a business with incredible revenue insights. It then becomes far more affordable.


Short-term loans-

The loan fees and interest rates on short-term loans are far more affordable than payday loans. With flexibility on borrowing amounts up to £5000, the interest rates become automatically cheap.

Payday loans-

These loans' interest rates and fees are higher as they host the highest APR. APR is the total loan cost that an individual pays. Here, you pay far more than what you loan up. Still, it is popular owing to the ease of approval and cash turnarounds.


Short-term loans-

These loans require strong income backing if the individuals do not share credible credit scores. However, lenders may ensure leniency for specific individuals like the unemployed, student, and tenants sharing critical money issues.

And thus, grant a minimal sum they would qualify for given the income. One can fetch a loan on income from benefits here. You may get the loan if your financials reveal consistent payments and no high-interest loans lurking in the credit report.

Payday loans-

These are salary-day loans and hence mandate a flexible income to qualify. It is the primary criterion to qualify for these loans compared to a short-term loan that relies upon credibility and stable finances to provide loans.

Thus, students and the unemployed may struggle to qualify for these loans. If they do, the interest rates could be competitive. To crack, one must provide income proof through an authentic salary slip.


Short-term loans-

These loans share a flexible repayment structure where one can split the amount borrowed into affordable payments. He can repay the amount in small bits by spreading the loan over the period or the loan term. These loans generally have weeks to 2 years repayment period.

By spreading the loan cost, you can quickly pay these off even if you stumble over finances anytime soon. However, always check the late fee, penalty, or missed payment fee and interest rates and choose the best for your situation.

Payday loans-

These loans generally host a 30-day cycle. You can repay the loan within 30 days of borrowing, along with the interest rates. As these loans have competitive interest rates, many lenders help individuals manage finances by allowing them to pay the lump sum within 12 months.

However, the prime difference between Short term cash money loans in Ireland and payday loans is that the flexibility to split repayments is absent in payday loans. In payday loans, you must pay the lump sum to the lender on the next payday or whenever feasible instead of splitting payments.

It is the prime differentiating factor between short-term and payday loans.

Short-Term Loan Vs. Payday Loan: How to Choose the Apt Loan for your situation?

While choosing any of the loans, you must consider your financial requirements and goals.

If you need to loan up to cover any emergency expenses, then a short-term loan can be apt.

However, if you have a pressing need for cash to cover an extremely urgent purpose, a payday loan may fit your needs. Also, save enough and pay the loan by your next payday.

A payday loan can be apt if you host solid finances and a credit score. The repayments are shorter, and you may secure it quickly as it shares minimal risk to the lender.

Whereas, if your financials do not allow you to take the risk or pay extra towards the loan, check out short-term loans for your requirements. It may help you attend emergencies without messing up your budget’s bottom line.

 Moreover, it involves a soft credit check that does not harm your credit score. Payday loan lenders conduct a credit check to ensure affordable borrowing.

In both cases, you must provide disciplined payments from your end to keep your credit score intact or improve it. Payday loans grant a higher benefit of disciplined and timely loan closure.

Parting lines-

Both short-term loans and payday loans are a type of instant borrowing. You must choose a platform that helps you pick the right loan for your situation. QuickIrishLoans helps individual borrowers ensure the best affordable fetch for their situation with expert guidance and solutions.