Amara walker February 16, 2024

When it’s about bad credit, things in your life may turn sour. That’s a natural response to something as stagnant as a poor credit score.

And the one thing that comes into our minds about it is that we cannot take out new credit with it. A loan with a bad credit score? That might be a mission not even available for accomplishment.

We can prove you wrong!

Why are loans for bad credit in Ireland a comparatively easier product?

We need to learn what a loan with a bad credit score usually is. Borrowers with little knowledge of borrowing money might call it a ‘condition’ and ‘not a loan’. However, loans for bad credit in Ireland are real and are quite easy to obtain.

If you doubt this product, then you may not have gone through its core values. You see, with professional lenders, a bad credit loan product is a typical loan.

It is designed for borrowers who are not happy with their credit scores because the scores are going downhill. Yes, these borrowers do find it very difficult to control finances because of a poor credit score. Other sorts of financial obligations get in the way of borrowing an affordable loan as well.

However, this is why lenders like us exist. We made a loan which caters to loan regulations for a bad credit borrower. However, these products have also been designed as pocket-friendly and affordable loan products.

Direct lending practices, on which we specialise, make sure you get a bad credit loan no matter what your credit score or income is. What you get here is a loan based on your income. Your credit score isn’t getting in the way.

If you have an income (or whatever you earn) that can repay instalments for the loan amount you targeted, then we don’t have a problem lending you money – even if your credit score is extremely low.

That said, your credit score will be analysed. However, that’s going to be done in the way of a soft credit check.

We hope you’re getting ready to borrow money from us. However, you might have a question knocking at the door.

Are bad credit loans quick? Will you get them in fast? Well, with the right income information, updated credit score, and a loan amount you can afford, all bad credit loans can become fast loans in Ireland. We can learn that if you take a quick look at these points below:

  • Understand Your Income and Its Limitations 

When you are taking out one of the loans for bad credit in Ireland, simply know what you can afford and what you cannot.

This will ensure you’re getting your loan in the quickest way possible. Going for a larger or even a smaller amount might get you repeating the borrowing process. This doesn’t save time.

Just use a loan calculator to find out if you can manage your loan affordability. Calculate your loan per your income. Find out the repayment amounts and interest rates. Check term length. Think of all possibilities in case your earning takes a downward curve (or the reverse of it), and then choose your loan.

  • Evaluate Why You Need a Loan

You must not be confused with that need, don’t you think? After all, it is a product you’re about to own and is your own responsibility.

Find out your motivation or the purpose of taking a loan out. Always remember you should take out a loan when necessary. You deserve to take a loan out. But you also need to maintain a balance between the loan amount and affordability.

You need to know that defaulting on a loan or not being able to make sufficient repayments can affect your credit score further. Therefore, take out a loan you can manage.

What if you find yourself stuck in doubt? Well, we are here. Talk to us. Together, we might find a better route to offer you the loan you need.

  • Arrange Your Income Statements and Credit Score

Hopefully, you are sure of your income statement and loan affordability. That said, it is time for you to arrange all these income documents.

Do not ignore taking in extra income such as freelancing or part-time income. Even if they fluctuate, consider using the paperwork where the amounts are clearly written. In case these jobs are in active status, you can use them to get a fast loan.

  • Apply with Us as Soon as You Can

You don’t have to worry about a lengthy application. Why so? You have a direct lender with you: Us. We can take care of your lending requirements as smoothly as possible.

On this website, you can find the ‘apply’ option, which will lead you to the application page. It’s a simple page with very few points to fill in, such as your name, date of birth, postcode, etc. You may then send us your income details and credit score to get the loan approved. All of this is done online so that you can save a lot of time.

  • Find an Affordable Repayment Package to Keep Things Even More Comfortable

No one wants an expensive loan. To make it ‘not expensive’, we have added a number of different repayment packages to the loan.

Check out each one with a loan calculator. Then, choose one that suits your finances. Need more help? Connect with us via message or phone call.

  • Maybe You Can Go for Another Loan

What if a bad credit loan is not meant for you even if you are suffering from bad credit scores? We have a solution to that, too.

There are many other fast money loans in Irelandsuch as small loans or no guarantor loans. You can check the loan terms out and apply for one of these products, too.

The good news is we do not make a hard credit check with any of these alternative loan products. That means you can borrow money as quickly as a bad credit loan from us.

To Conclude

Are you looking for a loan right now? Well, the best advice we can give you is to arrange your income documents and find out exactly how much money you may manage to take out now. Remember, we are right here! Apply now to make borrowing easier and faster.