Amara walker December 28, 2022

In today's advancing world, there would be only a few people who hold a credit card. It not only helps one grab good deals but also one can purchase things on credit. Making continuous and disciplined payments can help you keep your credit card in good form.

However, credit cards have an expiration date. It is one thing that concerns the new credit card holders the most is the very thing. Sometimes, one may need to catch up on the expiration due to other engagements. The common reasons for expiration include- a worn credit card chip or re-evaluation of the credit card terms.

Imagine a scenario,

What if you discover the best gifts to surprise your dear ones, only to find your credit card declined? 

It is a shattering thought. 

With Christmas approaching, getting a new credit card and meeting the formalities may make you miss the date. Would you prefer regretting the same or sealing the moment in time with gifts that your people love? 

Yes, you can attend to the harm the very moment by resorting to urgent loans.

Why resort to an urgent loan when a credit card declines/expires?

Generally, credit card companies provide a new credit card or release one before the expiry of the one you own. However, if you want to adopt new terms or the company updates its policy, the new credit card may take anywhere from 30-45 days to reach your doorstep. Suppose you remember to pre-notify the providers of your card expiry and inability to meet regular expenses like electricity and subscription bills. In that case, you may risk getting a holiday from those services.

It implies you can only use the credit card after then.

Here, urgent money loans in Ireland help your fast cash on time. Things do not flow the way we want in life. You may be eager to meet a liability only to know that your credit card has expired. Here is how:

1)     Credit score-free loans

The best part about these loans is you do not wait until the date to have a stellar credit score to get the cash. You can secure one on a bad credit score with pending debts. The soft credit check does not affect the score further.

2)     Get anywhere between €1000-€5000

Borrowers can quickly get the sum required by undergoing a minimal affordability check. It calls for genuine income proof and identity proof. Quick loans are the best alternative to cashless situations, whether you wish to send precious gifts to your loved ones or surprise children with their favorite toys on Christmas.

3)     No loan fees

Buying things on credit could be astonishingly more costly than quick loans. Moreover, the penalty fees on high-interest debt like credit cards could rob you of the savings that you may have. To ensure a comfortable option to loan up money, quick loans fit the deal with a personalized loan quote. The lenders do not charge any loan application fee and keep the costs upfront.  

4) Flexible repayments

 These are generally short-term loans with (a 4-5 monthly repayment schedule). However, you can spread the loan repayments per your income and outgoings. It grants one immense flexibility to manage and re-track finance. This tenancy makes the loan more affordable than long-term loans.

5)     Responsible lending

Suppose you fear losing your money or getting backfired, do not. Lenders in Ireland prioritize affordability to grant loans. They lend only if a borrower’s recent credit behavior is satisfactory, with no-high-interest loan repayment waiting for him. They avoid lending to individuals in grim financial circumstances without actual income proof. Unemployed individuals may also qualify for the sum with minimal income proof of benefits.

All these features ensure safe cash withdrawal from responsible lenders for your desires. Although these are only emergency loans, you can tap into these if you cannot wait another day to surprise your loved ones with Christmas gifts. You must ensure a clear financial backup to pay the loan in different affordable instalments. If you have a bad credit profile, these could come with competitive interest rates. Individuals with good credit can fetch reasonable loan terms.

Can I get the money instantly to fund the gifts?

Yes, these loan products are specifically for emergency purposes and eliminate every hurdle with no documentation, no collateral, and no- detailed credit screening. Thus, these are also known as same-day loans. You get the cash within 15-20 minutes in the respective account.

Such a small sum eliminates the need for any guarantor or co-signer on loan, making it feasible. It is ideal for those approaching an additional expense before payday with zero savings. It could be anything from making an urgent Christmas tree repair or decoration or fixing the gifts and packaging just a day before the big occasion.

What should you be mindful of while taking a small loan?

While exploring small money loans in Ireland, you must be vigilant regarding some decisions. The below aspects may help you decide right:

  • How much do you want to borrow?
  • Given the existing financial circumstances, how much time will you require to repay the loan?
  • Do you have several loans lined up in your credit profile?
  • Whether you need a bank account to get the cash loan?
  • Are the weekly/ monthly payments affordable?
  • Are there any hidden fees that may impact the loan costs?

These essential parameters can help you fetch a well-informed loan and reasonable terms.

What if you get stuck with these short-term loan rollovers?

If you take a loan amount, you should plan forward to pay these comfortably. However, sometimes, the financial situations fail to abide and go awry. This leads to piled-up missed payments and rollovers.

The good news is you can stay in the present case. Contact the respective lender and sort it out amicably with him. He may agree to split the payments into affordable halves by extending the loan term to 12 months from the existing schedule.

It would reduce the repayments you would have to pay each month. Apart from this, some allow you to pay a lump sum upfront without penalty or prepayment fee. Check it with your lender. If you do so, you may also witness a jump in your credit score.

Bottom line:

Thus, this is how you can cater to urgent presents for your loved ones without bothering about credit card failures or credit scores. It is one of the best ways to fund urgent expenses without delay. Christmas is rolling in quickly; thus, you must keep hands-on with the most flexible external cash assistance flexibilities to ensure a stress-free Christmas.