Amara walker July 22, 2022

Do you remember your friend who constantly delays paying you back?

It is the reason private money lenders undertake multiple credit approval standards.

People and companies not repaying the loan become troublesome for lenders, which is why they impose several conditions per credit score before lending. A person or a business defaulting on a loan is hard to deal.

 A minor mistake in the loan approval process can prove a disaster for both the lender and the borrower. Partnering with genuine and honest private money lenders is the best way to ensure safe borrowing in Ireland.

Who is a Private Lender?

A private lender is an organisation that lends money to individuals and businesses for various needs. Individuals who are facing challenges in securing a loan from a bank or credit union can contact direct lenders for help. Private money lenders help individuals like -students, single mothers, unemployed, and retirees secure a minimum amount regardless of their credit score.

The multiple loans have distinct eligibility criteria. These lenders aim at providing monetary assistance with minimal hassle and a 97% approval rate. Lenders gauge out ways to help a customer instead of rejecting applications straightaway. Investors fund private lenders, and these lenders provide loans to those who need them the most.

What Risks Do Lenders Face While Ensuring Smooth and Quick Lending?

With the emergence of technology and tough competition from fellow lenders, lenders keep their policies flexible. They prioritize customers’ concerns and comfort of affordability over rigid rules. This leniency on their parts sometimes leads to:

1)   Loan Default

Aiming to provide guaranteed quick loans to individuals for small needs proves a loss for the firm sometimes. Lenders suffer a massive loss if the borrower fails to abide by contractual obligations. When a borrower defaults on a loan, he starts missing a few payments. The lender, apart from losing those payments suffer a complete loan loss.

It is why lenders prioritize affordability while providing quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor. Without a guarantor, a private lender seeks credible repayment proof, and a borrower can seek fast approval with well-defined income proof.

Quickirishloans never lend to borrowers lacking firm affordability proof, and it not only saves the borrower from the mounting debt but also prevents his credit score from falling.

2)     Market risks

A lender losing its grip on the market reputation is the worse scenario. There are a million private lenders in Ireland, and a customer shares multiple options to choose from. In this mean competition streak, lenders get flexible on lending to the needy. 

Some lenders demand a lengthy documentation process to qualify for a loan. While some, like Quickirishloans, prioritize urgency to provide quick loans with a swift and paperless process.

Apart from this, a market share of a private lender depends on the offerings he holds. For example, the market share will be high if it deals in mortgages and real estate loans.

It is the reason the lenders undertake due diligence from a reputable credit reference agency.

How does it help borrowers?

Consulting an expert on various loan procedures and offerings help lenders gain insight into red flags. It allows lenders to optimize their lending terms for borrowers to make it swift and easy. It helps segment clients’ needs in the best way, in terms of credit risk and allowance.

How Do Lenders Ensure Risk-Free Lending?

In Ireland, genuine and honest private money lenders face many challenges apart from ensuring strong management. One of the most pressing concerns is reducing credit risk. Quickirishloans undertake respective measures to reduce the company and borrower's risk in lending. Here are several ways the lenders achieve this:

1. Analysing the borrower’s creditworthiness

Accurately judging a borrower's repayment ability is more important than bothering him with late payment mails. It is why they conduct a soft and hard credit check per the loan nature.

For example, in quick loans, lenders approve the loans quickly without any credit check or collateral. While in long-term borrowings like personal and car loans, lenders analyze the ideal borrower's credit profile for delinquencies- missed payments, loan defaults, bankruptcy, or CCJs.

Many lenders deny lending to individuals with these issues. Quickirishloans carve out a solution as per personal circumstances. Here is how:

  • You can borrow a loan for a longer time.
  • You share the flexibility to break the repayments into affordable halves.
  • A borrower can discuss the circumstances and revise the loan terms.

2. Friendly And Risk-Free Solutions for Existing Clients

Private lenders prioritize customer preferences to ensure risk-free lending. For this, they analyze the customer preferences, requirements, and income. It helps them create a suitable loan deal for them. Thus, they conduct due diligence on the customers before lending them. They check out various details like:

  • Borrower credit
  • The market value of the collateral
  • Borrower’s equity
  • Income from other sources
  • Income from unemployment
  • Collateral
  • Credit report
  • Credit score

These are a few parameters that lenders analyze before providing funds to individuals. Every private lender has unique rules that a borrower must abide by.

We here help customers by ensuring flexible lending terms and conditions. We undertake different qualification factors to match your situation if you lack a credit score.

Every lender must undertake the customer or the borrower’s consequences into account to provide a comfortable deal. You no more have to worry about defaulting on loans, and we eliminate every risk with sophisticated and advanced lending capabilities.

3. Diversified quick loans

On the platform, you can choose from different loan options. The lenders here provide quick loans with a repayment ability of 3, 6, and 9 months.

 Just provide income proof and get the amount in the account. Inform the lender early if you find it hard to pay anymore. We will help find a solution to your prevailing and changed financial situation.

Finances can suffer owing to sudden unemployment or sudden death in the family. Thus, we make informed decisions and revise the loan term to match your current preferences.

In the case of quick loans, there is no requirement for a third person to guarantee a loan. We provide quick loans with no guarantor within 15 minutes to individuals.

Bottom Line:

So, this is how lenders make lending comfortable for customers. There is no additional fee, third person, or collateral; only smooth funding. For immediate loan requirements, contact us now.