Amara walker December 7, 2022

Stock market investing is a different game altogether. Many people enter the market with large amounts of money and exit broke.

It is not child’s play to stay relevant. Certain guidelines need to be followed by every investor.

If you're not aware of the basic techniques, you may turn your profits into immediate losses. Every investor must align their investment goals with the current market trends.

Staying relevant and profitable in the market is the main goal. Certain techniques are available and are common to the stock market.

The real investment scenario

The trading style of every investor is different from one another. Some may follow the regular trend, while others may take a different route. The ultimate goal should be the same as making profits.

Sometimes, investors may fall short of funds and borrow money to invest in profitable stocks. They apply for quick loans online. In Ireland, this is common among investors. You have to decide your style of investing.

Tips for Investors

Make way for profitable investments by following the tips below.

1. Stop your loss on time

It is important to cut losses on time. Sometimes your stocks may go in the opposite direction, and you do not pay heed to it. Once they start going in the negative direction, rip them off immediately.

Take it as a band-aid and take it off in that particular motion. If the losses increase, they can damage your overall portfolio.

Hence, try to stabilize your corpus and look for the warning signs. Every stock may give you a warning sign before moving in the downward direction. Cut it off immediately if there is no sign and there is an instant movement.

2. Let the Gains rise

Once the gains start in your stocks, analyze them carefully. Sometimes people encash the gains and sales of the stocks.

Take time to make way for a profitable portfolio. Keep on assessing the company and the underlying reasons for it.

Sometimes you may understand the reason for and sale of the stock due to its future losses. But if the company is up in an upper direction, do not stop and let it gain profits.

3. Average Up

Go for an averaging-up strategy. Avoid taking average down Road. If the underlying company is doing well, the stocks tend to move in an upper direction.

Usually, they will be sustained in the upper direction. As an investor, you can put more funds in the upper direction and earn more money out of it.

Typically, stocks that are going in a profitable direction can help you reap more profits by investing more money.

4. Paper Trade

If people wish to enter the stock market and start trading, they should research first. But they are hesitant and do not do so.

Despite several sources, they are reluctant and stay away from this stock market. The best way to enter is through paper trading.

Keep track of all the stocks that you have purchased. But try to take this trading in an imaginary manner. With this, you will be in practice, and then you can enter the stock market.

With imaginary money, even if you are incurring losses, there will be no impact on your real financial situation. In addition, it will give you practice and hands-on real stock market techniques.’

5. The Biggest Investor Risk

Once you enter the market, learn about the biggest risk that the investors take. Sometimes we may be blindfolded and not pay attention to the risks.

It is crucial to understand the threats. Once you are clear about them, you can focus on your risk mitigation strategy as well.

Sometimes, investors go into huge losses while imitating and then have to avail funds to pay off their debts. In Ireland, many people avail of legit loans to get out of these stock market losses.

6. Do not follow your family

If you are following your friends and family blindly, do not do it. Till the time they are making huge profits, do not follow them.

Every investor has a different strategy and a different goal. Their gold may be different from yours. Sometimes market fluke also works, and your friends and family may make a huge profit that way.

Before following any advice, always apply your brain and look at the facts and figures.

7. Due Diligence

For entering into the stock market, due diligence is vital. As an investor, you are responsible for studying the market trends and the stocks you are investing in.

Majorly, the stocks require analysis and assessments. Also, look at the company valuations and past and present financial highlights.

Spending a little bit of time on your stocks will save you from huge losses in the future. There are a lot of dimensions to every stock. Try to understand and discover all these dimensions for a profitable investment.

8. Stick to the Good space

There are certainly good places in the stock market. You need to identify them. For example, penny stocks are good for you if you are a new entrant.

These stocks trade at lower prices and may also incur losses in terms of market volatility. Since huge investors surround you, you need to plan your strategy carefully.

Sometimes investors are overconfident and put in a huge amount of money in their first phase. Try to avoid putting in all your money.

9. Don't buy what others are buying

Everybody else may have the right knowledge of the stock market. Hence, do not copy. What everybody is doing may not work for you.

Sometimes investors ditch the regular route and take the off route. If you are sure of going on that particular tangent, only then follow it. Most of the time, you do not get a fair price for what others are doing.

For example, if you have a different strategy and the other investor has a different strategy. The routes can be the same, but the main aim is different.

This may lead both of you to different destinations. Hence, check your basics and ultimate goals before imitating another investor route.


The stock market is highly volatile and is surrounded by different uncertainties. To invest in it, you need effective skills and proper knowledge.

Your every move should be backed up by proper research. In history, there have been many incidents wherein investors have lost huge amounts of money even after thorough research. Hence, always be prepared for any uncertainty that may strike the market at any time.