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The best way to borrow money depends on the needs and terms to pay it back. While there are lots of ways, choose the right one. Analyse circumstances, amount requirement, income condition, credit score, etc. You can tap the preferred option for any personal need. For example, you can finance car repairs, pay credit card debt, utility bills, etc.

Some options allow you to finance needs without a guarantor or third-party assistance. Alternatively, individuals without income or employment stability may require one. The blog lists the options to borrow a small amount of money quickly.

7 options to borrow money quickly

Personal loans help whether you need to cover an unexpected medical bill or bridge expense. It is one of the most popular ways to finance short and long-term requirements. You can also use it for business purposes. These unsecured loans help individuals with poor to good credit ratings. Here are some types of personal loans that you may choose according to your needs and circumstances.

1)     Quick loans

If you need money without detailed documentation or paperwork, quick loans may help. You may get €1000-€7000 for 6-60 months. You can choose this loan type in extreme emergencies like- pipeline repair, washbasin repair, bill payments on the last day, etc. 18+ individuals with regular income, residential proof and active bank account may qualify. You can repay the dues in equal repayments according to the loan tenure.

2)     Small loans

These are personal loans to tap for minor cash needs or bridge ones. You may get up to €5000 for 36 months of repayment. You can use small loans in Ireland's marketplace for little cash needs like- administrative concerns, bicycle repair, updating your bus fare, and buying medicine.

 Individuals with poor credit scores may also qualify. You must reveal authentic income proof. It is different from quick loans as it shares faster loan turnarounds.

3)     Bad credit loans

It is the best facility for individuals lacking poor credit scores. Getting a loan with a low credit score is challenging. It reveals individuals as unreliable in the face of loan repayment. However, you cannot wait until your credit score improves. Thus, bad credit loans help you get instant cash assistance for poor credit. The loan providers here consider the individual’s payment potential instead of just a credit score.

You may get up to €10000 for short term and up to €25000 for medium needs. However, the interest rates on such loans stay competitive. It is due to the risk the lender takes. Thus, regular payments on these loans may reduce the interest and total payable amount. With fixed interest rates, you can easily budget for monthly instalments.

4)     Credit cards

You may have multiple credit cards for different purposes. However, have you ever thought of using credit cards for extra cash? Yes, you can borrow a small amount with credit cards. However, the withdrawal may prove costly. It is ideal if you have a 0% credit card for purchases.

You can use it to spread the cost of a big-ticket item. It is one of the best ways to consolidate debts. However, if you want to do so cheaply, the above loans may help. These facilities are accessible and affordable to any credit card. However, penalty fees on credit cards are higher than on loans. Thus, decide your requirements and choose the right financial equipment accordingly.

5)     Personal loans

Personal loans are unsecured financial facilities for good and bad credit individuals. It does not require the borrower to pledge an asset as collateral.

Instead, you can get a loan without risking one. It is the reason the interest rates on such loans stay competitive. You can reduce the impact by borrowing the amount you can comfortably afford.  It is helpful for low-credit individuals seeking cheap loans.

You can use personal loans for individual or business purposes. You can borrow €1000-€25000 for 60 months. Always pre-qualify before applying for a particular amount. It will help you avoid any impact on your credit score.

Pensioners, unemployed, and self-employed may qualify. However, if there is insufficient credit and income, a guarantor may help. Most loan agencies in Ireland's marketplace require a guarantor for payment reassurance. It helps one get instant loan assistance with low interest rates. You can repay the loan in equal monthly instalments.

However, if you fall behind on payments, contact the provider. Do not wait until you skip another repayment. Instead, reach out to your lender early. It will help you get personalised solutions to your needs. The person may analyse current income, bank statements, budget, liabilities, etc. It helps him analyse the amount you can comfortably qualify for. He does not provide over what you can basically afford.

6)     Unemployed loans

Individuals facing tough financial situations like joblessness require extra cash facilities. Limited finances delay lifestyle requirements. What if you need money now to meet the child’s vaccination date? Skipping the vaccination may not be ideal. Hence, these unemployed loans may help with small cash assistance. You can get up to €5000 for your needs.

The amount you get depends on the affordability. Individuals with part-time incomes may qualify quickly. However, benefits income alone may not qualify as a legal income.

You must have a secondary income source. The repayment structure is flexible and personalised to the unemployed lifestyle. Compare the interest rates, additional fees, and APR before applying. It will help you choose the amount you can comfortably afford.

7)     No guarantor loans

Sometimes, qualifying for small cash needs gets tricky. It is common for students, tenants, and self-employed individuals.  This is because getting a loan as a student requires sufficient credit and income. However, students may lack it.  Thus, such individuals have to rely on a guarantor for help. It is the way to secure quick funds.

If you do not want to share financial details or bother loved ones, no guarantor loans may help. With this, you can get up to €10000 for your needs independently for 36 months. Individuals with consistent income and stable credit may qualify. You must have a separate bank account.

Bottom line

These are some options to qualify for a small amount and get money fast. Individuals with a direct debit facility on their bank account qualify quickly. It assures the loan providers of getting the repayments timely. Additionally, boosts income and credit scores for better deals on quick loans. It will help you meet your needs without trouble.