Amara walker July 20, 2023

Faced rejection while looking for car finance options? You must not have conducted extensive research, or else you might not have complained. It is because some lenders might turn down your request while some are ready to accept your request.

The biggest reason why you need car finance is that it lets you portion out the cost or price. It means you do not have to pay anything upfront for the car.

It would be difficult to find car garages that do finance for bad credit people in Ireland. On the flip side, pointing out a direct lender to avail of this type of financing facility is quite easygoing.

Make the right move if you have not yet done. The lender will be willing to give you a chance even when your credit history is not stable. Most of the time, bad credit hardly impacts your borrowing potential.

Let this blog explain this matter elaborately so that you can have a better understanding of how you can manage to get car financing options despite bad credit.

How getting finance for a car with poor scores is doable?

You should be reasonable with your requirements to fetch car finance with low credit scores. Keep the following things in mind.

  • Do not get a car that is beyond your financial potential
  • Understand your budget before applying for finances
  • Ensure that you can manage the payments of loan
  • Check if this car purchase is a realistic decision for your condition
  • Opt for a car option that matches your pocket size
  • The lender would be happy to approve finances for an economical car

You will have to struggle to obtain a higher loan amount with low-interest rates. Shopping around would be helpful but can be time-consuming as well.

Finding the right lender might take time, as many would consider your profile as risky. It would be better for you to search for loan agencies in Ireland that follow a lenient approach.

Read next to find out who these lenders are!

Whom should you approach to get financial help for a car purchase?

They are direct lenders who do not just focus on the credit history while offering loans. They prefer looking beyond it by understanding the affordability of the loan applicant.

These lenders do not straightaway reject the application by seeing poor scores. A soft search of the borrower’s financial history seems more relevant to them. It helps them observe the financial behaviour of the borrower.

The most significant advantage of performing a soft analysis is that it confirms the lender about repayment possibility from the borrower’s end. It is a positive sign if the payment of bills happens on time.

It shows that the borrower has the financial power to afford loan payments. Above all, these lenders can provide you with a free proposal to examine the pricing structure. With it, you can decide if the fees that the lender is charging are affordable for you or not.

How can you enhance the possibility of getting acceptance?

Even though you are facing a difficult time due to bad credit scores, some steps can help you garner the attention of the lender. Do you want to know about the steps that can have a meaningful significance in your endeavor?

In these ways, you can even manage to get a reasonable offer from the lender. Check them out here.

Arrange a large deposit

Having a large deposit ready by your side means you will have to borrow less. The key to doing this is to create enough savings. Adjust your expenses so that you can salt away adequate money for the deposit.

When the size of the deposit is large, the lender will consider your profile less risky. It also helps you to bargain with the lender for a cost-effective finance offer.

Get a guarantor if possible

A guarantor would be a person who should be ready to support loan payments on your behalf. Getting someone like them is tricky. You can try to explore your personal connections.

Having a guarantor can change the borrowing game for you. The lender will feel a lot less pressure concerning repayments. They know that someone else is there to repay if you fail the return the loan money with interest rates.

For this reason, this one factor can amplify your chances of getting approval from the lender. It is necessary if convincing the lender seems difficult because of poor credit scores.

Check with the lender if they will allow you to take advantage of a guarantor loan meant for a car purchase. Not many lenders offer this kind of facility.

Upgrade your scores

 The last resort you can try out can be upgrading your poor credit history. Fret not, as this is achievable! All you need to do is to follow the right path.

If your credit history is not yet updated because of some error in the report, raise an issue at the earliest. Do not waste your time rethinking; otherwise, the mistake will stay longer in your credit profile.

Check if you are linked with someone in a credit account who has poor credit scores. Their financial condition can impact your chances of getting approval from the lender. You must do the needful immediately.

Register your name for voter id and update your address in the credit report. These simple steps can make a huge difference in your borrowing journey.

Find out the amount of debts you are carrying. Disburse them as early as possible to see a remarkable difference in your credit scores.

The bottom line

You must have seen how poor scores cannot ruin your car purchasing opportunity. Look for the right finance providers who can help you get financial support to proceed with the car purchase. With the implementation of a few steps, you can seal the most profitable loan deal to sponsor your dream of buying a car. Treat the bad credit issue to be able to reach out to more lenders.