Financeaflow is a FinTech lender with all the relatable financial solutions available for fund seekers through small and mid-term loans. You get what you deserve without the hefty monthly and annual costs of a loan. With us, the fund seeker has the power to shape a loan deal because we offer only customised deals on repay capacity of the applicant.


  • Apply 24x7, whole year
  • No purpose constraint
  • Same-day fund disbursal
  • Online money transfer
About Us


Have a look at the varied loan options that we can offer to solve your problems and financial issues. Small needs, mid-term needs, we have solutions for all sorts of financial issues. Have a look at how things work and how things work.

  • Personal loans

    This never needs an introduction, but you should know that we have a range of good deals to offer. All your financial concerns cannot go unattended if they are short-term.

  • Bad credit loans

    Low credit score is never an issue for us. It is why we have poor credit loans with personalised pricing and no additional cost. You cancontact usfor any doubt.

  • Car loans

    Your fund transfer for your car purchase is almost assured. A speedy and straightforward application process like other loan options and online verification of your details get you money.

  • Car finance

    If you want to explore much more than a car loan, such as hire purchase and personal contract purchase, we have an arrangement for that. Apply now to experience in real.

With Us Customer is Always a Winner WANT TO KNOW HOW?

Our lending policies are designed for the financial well-being of the borrower. You can experience how we make your experience smooth and bring funds conveniently to you.

  • Instant lending decision

    Irrespective of the occasion in the year, we always offer loans on instant approval decisions. Within 10 minutes of application submission, you get the results.

  • Get what you can repay

    We never apply generic lending rules on you. The loan deals are always designed according to how much repaying capacity you have.

  • High approval rate 99%

    This percentage should not be less promising for those who seek funds desperately for their daily small financial requirements.

  • Fast, secure and rational

    Direct lending is speedy due to the 100% paperless process. It is secured due to artificial intelligence backed loans, and transparency assured rationality.

About Financeaflow
  • Personal attention managers

    You always have a personal relationship manager that assists you right from loan approval to the last instalment you pay.

We have an appropriate solution to all your worries because we lend money faster without annoying you with a list of questions. Our expert team is always there to support you in case of any doubt. Your concerns never go unheard if you reach to us because something is always there for everyone. We have served millions of customers by now and are all set to serve more. Anyone with a stable income and employment stability can apply to us. The self-employed too come in our beneficiary bucket.